At Tempo, grade point averages are anything but average.


In fact, Tempo students outperform the provincial achievement exam averages by a substantial margin, making Tempo one of the top-performing schools in the province.




At Tempo, we are proud of our students’ academic performance. Click on the categories below to see the most recent results from Tempo School.


Private schools have their privileges, such as individual attention, small class sizes, and challenging and engaging education. Always wanting to be the best, Tempo has played a very important role in preparing our province’s professional leaders. What kind of education do you want for your child?


Peace of mind and a caring nurturing environment are two of the leading benefits of having your child at Tempo. At Tempo, we protect your greatest asset—your child. If the well-being and safety of your child is important to you, then Tempo is your school of choice.


Wearing a school uniform at Tempo is a badge of honour. Along with a sense of belonging, a uniform builds confidence and a unique and powerful sense of pride. Simply put, students at Tempo dress to look smart.