Tempo School, a private academic school located in Edmonton, was founded upon the idea that the education of children is the responsibility of parents. The name of the school is an acronym of its Latin motto: Tota Edocenda Maxime Parentum Officium (“all teaching is pre-eminently the duty of parents”).

In exercising that responsibility, parents have always sought a broad range of expert assistance: sports teams and coaches to guide physical and social development; religious institutions to guide the religious and moral development of children; music, art and dance teachers to help with aesthetic education; and so on over the whole range of human experience.

The expertise that Tempo offers is an expertise in intellectual development. When Dr. Cormack founded Tempo in 1963, the school sought to concentrate its energies exclusively on the academic subjects, especially those that lead to mastery of language and of mathematics, which are the foundations of subsequent learning.

Although Tempo has changed since it first opened in Edmonton more than 50 years ago, Tempo’s primary emphasis continues to fall upon the intellectual development of its students.