The Path to Success: Tempo School

For Harish Prabhakar, being prepared for university was important to him. That is why Harish chose to attend Tempo School in his grade 12 year. He believed Tempo would help to prepare him for future success. His choice to attend was influenced by the opportunity this small private school brings: superior instruction, stronger student-to-teacher relationships, and excellent preparation for university.

What first stood out to Harish when he came to Tempo School was the small class sizes. From a school in which 35 students per class was the norm to a class of only 8 students, the attention he received was a very welcome change.  As Harish stated, “I find it easier to receive instruction from my teachers on a more personal level that corresponds to my own individual learning needs. All of my teachers have been more than willing to help me outside school hours and have given me every opportunity to become successful. Because of the much lower student-to- teacher ratio, I find it more convenient to get help during class from teachers.”

Harish also noticed his peers’ commitment to academic excellence. “Upon learning that Tempo is among the top schools in Alberta, I decided I would have to work hard in order to fit in. Through this, I learned to employ a work ethic which has led to the superior marks I am now receiving.”

Harish found the learning environment at Tempo School to be more cohesive than that found in other schools he attended. “During just the first few days, I noticed the closeness everyone had with one another and the sense of cooperation that certainly was lacking in my previous schools. As the months rolled by, it was impossible to ignore the fact that I was faced with many fewer opportunities for distraction and that maintaining focus was considerably easier as a result. Was it on account of the small class size or was it just Tempo’s atmosphere? Perhaps it was a combination of both; in any case, this has definitely proven to be something exclusive to Tempo.”

Currently, Harish has multiple university prospects from which to choose. He attributes his success to the training and preparation he has received at Tempo School. In Harish’s words, “It is very evident that the small class sizes and the excellent learning environment have contributed to my ongoing success at Tempo. I have attended many different schools and, by far, Tempo has been the most academically rewarding choice for me.”

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