Tempo School: A Unique Perspective

Tempo School is a private school in Edmonton that was founded on traditional, fundamental teaching values. Because of the school’s curriculum and teacher-directed methodology, Tempo offers a unique learning experience and equips children for success through the promotion of academic excellence and a nurturing learning environment.

As a former student at Tempo, Scarlett experienced the benefits of attending the school. She attended Tempo from Kindergarten to graduation. In describing her experience at Tempo, Scarlett said, “During my Tempo years, I had wonderful teachers who taught us not only how to manage an advanced curriculum but also how to learn. I was taught how to study, write tests, and learn from others, as well as how to learn independently. Most important, the teachers wanted me to succeed. They were uncompromising in their standard of excellence, and did all they could to support me and my parents in my endeavour to succeed.”

In addition to the importance of academics, it was the relationships that Scarlett formed with her peers and teachers that made her educational years memorable. “What I remember most are times with friends. We played soccer in the field behind the school, had fun playing games on Sports Day, and laughed with friends during breaks. All of the teachers were memorable in their own ways. One thing the teachers had in common was what we thought were amazing lives before they came to Tempo. As students, we loved the days when they would let us distract them from our usual studies and just tell us stories of their lives.”

Scarlett learned that exceptional academics and positive role models can transform a child’s educational experience. Because of this, she was inspired to become a teacher herself with the intent of giving back to the private school that gave her so much. “I wanted to teach at Tempo because I have seen first-hand the great things children can achieve when we don't underestimate them.” As a teacher now at her former school, Scarlett is able to be a positive role model for students, just as her teachers once were for her.

Scarlett’s story does not stop there. After Scarlett became a mother, the decision as to where she should enrol her children was clear: both of her children would attend Tempo School. “I chose Tempo for my children because I knew they would learn good life skills and benefit by being instructed in a school with an outstanding curriculum. They would learn to respect their elders as well as their peers in an environment in which they themselves would be respected. I would also have peace of mind knowing that my children would be taught in a traditional way that has proven, over time, to be very successful. My children are now making their own memories and wonderful friends at this great school.” 

Years ago, Scarlett’s parents gave her a gift by enrolling her at Tempo School. Scarlett has now passed that gift on to her children enabling them to enjoy the benefits of Tempo School. You too can begin the tradition of excellence for your family by enrolling your child at Tempo School.