The Tempo Difference

Tempo School is a private school in Edmonton that offers a traditional approach to academics and adheres to traditional learning methods. With specialized teachers, smaller class sizes, and a clear curriculum, it is no wonder Tempo School has been consistently rated as one of the top schools in Alberta. Tempo also offers other benefits that might be less obvious. We call this the Tempo difference.

You notice the Tempo difference the minute you drive into the parking lot. In the morning, the headmaster greets parents as they drop off their children for the day. At Tempo School, there is no such thing as parent/teacher interviews: communication is open and transparent. Every day is an opportunity for parents to connect with teachers and to be a part of their children’s success.

If you walk through the Tempo hallways, you notice that teachers greet students by name. This environment, in which all children are recognized for who they are, breeds a sense of closeness and confidence in the students. This environment also fosters a safe space in which students learn and grow academically, excel, and do great things.

All students understand that serious academic education is the priority at Tempo School. While this is undoubtedly the case, a strong sense of community exists.  Most students attend the school from kindergarten to grade 12 resulting in a bond that is formed among students from an early age.  You will often find, for example, students collaborating and working together to help one another to succeed. All students take pride in moving forward together and doing well as a group. Nevertheless, a healthy competitive spirit prevails among students as they are naturally motivated to try to do their best.

While many teachers at Tempo School use current technology, there are limited distractions for students during classes. Children leave their cellphones in their lockers, and the academic teaching methodology continues to be teacher directed. Books and even chalkboards remain the fundamental and integral part of the teaching process.

The welcoming tone, the sense of community, and the commitment to academics are only some of the factors that differentiate Tempo from other schools. Discover the Tempo difference for yourself by contacting us today.